• Fuck the Floor

    To come to the point: fuck the floor! I’ve had it! Who were those great artists? Fuck off! Here, take a look at the pictures. Okay, they are of questionable quality (they are taken with a quite fucked up device) but they definitely show what that masterpiece fucking looks like. And as you can see: it is just a dirty floor. I even say: a very dirty floor, with a lot of fucking filth on it. Nothing fucking special, not even when you look closely. I mean, I’m wearing out my fucking shoes on it, right? 

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  • Gravity / Golden Ratio

    After all, wouldn’t it help each of us to know how, for example, a monochrome peach-ish panel, with a hole precisely on the central point of the golden ratio, looks like when it is subjected to Newton’s universal law of gravitation? Wouldn’t that help us to solve some of the problems we are facing today, say like religious fanatism, global warming and the ongoing financial and economic crises? I, personally, think it will. And if we ever get to the solutions, we’ll have gone a long way. On this journey we might even have started to understand more about what art really was and still is and always will be, in particular how important it is to not make “sheer beauty” utterly subordinated to all other benchmarks of contemporary art. For, just hypothetical, if that would happen one day in the distant future, we may well have yet another global problem to solve.

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